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Paren Involvement


Stephens Middle School would like to thank all of the parents who were an instrumental and supportive part in creating an active PTO last year.  The PTO committee met monthly, fund raised, and set forth goals to help the school meet its needs in a variety of ways. 

As we look forward to this year, we ask that more parents become involved to support the needs of all of our programs and all of our students.

PTO will have its membership drive at the beginning of this school year.  Please look for information to come home with your student, be posted on our web-site, and be delivered by teleparent.  If you have any questions, please contact Salvador Madrigal at 562-595-0841 x 233.



With uncertain budget times upon us, Stephens Middle School needs VIPS now more than ever. VIPS are people like you – volunteers from our community, parents, college students, retired persons and other supporters of our schools and students. The key qualification is willingness to do what is needed to help students learn. No professional training is needed, but it is important to have an interest in young people and their future.

You may determine your own hours to volunteer. Even if you have one hour available you can be a great help.

There is so much that you can do to help at Stephens. VIPS contributions range from help in the office with phones, counter, filing, mailings, and other tasks; and assisting the teachers with planning, preparing materials, and keeping records.

If you would like more information in becoming a VIPS, please contact Ms. Pilart, VIPS Coordinator at 562.595.0841, ext. 250.


About our PTA

Become a PTO Member

The parent-teacher (PTO) organization wants YOU to become an active member. The PTO is very important in their support of students. Some of the ways that the PTO supports our student body include such activities as:

  • Fundraising to provide students with their agenda books
  • Thanksgiving and Day of the Teacher Luncheons
  • Incentives for school achievement and program participation
  • Stephens International Faire
  • 8th grade Promotional

We welcome all parents to join our PTO

To find out more please contact Mr. Salvador Madrigal at 562 595 0841 x 226 or