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Stephens Middle School Mission Statement

Stephens GATE/EXCEL is a rigorous standards based program provided for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Teachers provide challenging academic activities, to increase every students prociency level to Advanced., within the core curriculum areas.  All of the SMS GATE/EXCEL teachers provide extra curriculur activities for their students.  Within our program students are exposed to: accelerated pacing-allowing them the opportunity to go above and beyond to the advanced level.  Depth-to explore deeper into the core curriculum (study details, patterns, trends, ethics, rules and generalizations).  Complexity-the extension of the core corriculum through the studey of issues, problems and themes.  Novelty-mastery through traditional and non-traditional work product.  Leadership-all of our GATE/Excel students are encouraged and expected to take on leadership rolls at SMS.

LBUSD Vision Statement

GATE Vision Statement

The Long Beach School District offers a Gifted and Talented Education Program for eligible students in grades 1-12. The programs are designed to meet the needs of high ability and intellectually gifted students. Classroom instruction begins with the grade level core curriculum and is differentiated based upon student need and ability. The development of critical thinking is emphasized.

GATE Philosophy Statement

When participating in a differentiated curriculum, bright, talented students will become analytical thinkers, creative producers, and practical problem solvers.

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