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Counseling Services

Counseling Services at Stephens

School Counselor Mission:

The goals of Stephens school counselors are to:

· enhance the academic, career, and personal/social development of      every student, every day.

· be sensitive to the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community.

· strive to perpetuate a communicative environment, in which we instill     trust and confidence.

· and listen, raise aspirations, nurture self-esteem, and inspire young     people to develop to their fullest potential. 


Stephens’ counselors honor all personal conversations and information with students

with confidentiality. However, disclosure of information regarding abuse, neglect,

or harm to self or others will be communicated to proper offices to help the student.

School Counselors Listen and Help Students With:

  • Academic Planning      
  • Career Exploration / Planning    
  • Anger / Stress / Worry   
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Issues                 
  • Self Esteem    
  • Attendance    
  • Attitude / Motivation   
  • Study Skills   
  • Grief / Loss   
  • Divorce / Separation    
  • Personal Relationships  
  • Depression    
  • Social Skills    
  • Severe Illness
  • Peer Pressure

Student Support Services

Individual / Group Counseling

Crisis Intervention / Response

Attendance Counseling

Collaboration with Teachers

Career Expoloration

Coordinating Services

Referrals to Local Agencies

How Do Students Access Counseling Services?

Students ask to see their counselor or email

Teachers make referrals

Parents request counseling

Administrators refer students

Counselors call in students to check-in

Counselors facilitate groups or school clubs

Parent Education and Information

Involving parents in the student's counseling program

Engaging parents in the school and community activities

Working with families to improve student learning and development

Coordinating services to assist families in addressing barriers to learning

Communicating via meetings, email, phone, and publications  

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Counselors at Stephens

Ms. Shondi McGee (562) 595 0841 x 236

Mr. Rich Torres (562) 595-0841    

Ms. McGee
Ms. McGee