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Electronic cigarettes will have consequences!

§LBPD involvement, Citation, suspension, parent conference…

Bully Box

Bullying is a serious matter.
If any student is making you feel uncomfortable or picking on you leave an anonymous note in the bully box in the main office.
Bullying other students may lead to suspension. 

No body sprays allowed!

Roll on deodorant only!


The following expectations/ consequences will be consistently enforced:


  PHONE/Electronic devices


  Electronic cigarettes

Electronic Devices

Students must keep all personal electronic devices turned off and out of sight while on campus at all times
§Students may not have phones out on campus at any timePhones will be confiscated if they are being used anywhere on campus
§1st Offense – Phone is sent to office – Parent pick up required
§2nd Offense – Phone is sent to office – Parent pick up required.  Student is issued an ASD
§3rd Offense – Phone sent to office – Parent meet with Administration before phone is given back.  Arrangements may be made for daily drop off and pick up.

School Wide Discipline Policy

Progressive Discipline System


Parents will be notified of any/all detentions & suspensions.
Teacher Detentions/Lunch Detention
45 Minute After School Detentions
Loss of Points
Saturday School / Community Service (when appropriate)
OCS (On Campus Suspension)
Parents go to class with student (when appropriate)

School Wide Point System

§All students start each quarter with 10 points. The goal is to keep your points.
§Keeping your points ensures that you enjoy dances, activities, fairs, field trips, and graduation activities.
§Points renew each quarter and you cannot earn points back once they are lost.
§Detention = -1 point
§Suspension / Saturday School / OCS= -2 points
§You must have at least 8 points to attend all activities!
§Points reset every semester


Gum damages school property



Consequences will be assigned!

Skateboard Policy

§Skateboards need to stay home
§If  skateboards are brought onto campus, - Students will place skateboard in the bike rack and will not be able to access the board until the end of the day.


§If a student is carrying the board after school begins the board will be confiscated and held in the office and released at the end of the day.


§Being respectful to fellow students and all adults
§Never bullying or tolerating bullying by others
§Never using profanity
§Following the Guidelines for Success

Zero Tolerance Fighting Policy

§Fighting regardless of the incident will not be tolerated. 
§Mutual fights may lead to police involvement.  (Citations)
§Students who film a fight will receive consequences.
§If you are having a problem with a peer let an adult know so that the issue may be resolved.